You Can Make A Difference In Your Community!

Make a Difference Day Living Health Day SpaOctober 28th is National Make A Difference Day! Since 1992, thousands of volunteers across the United States have committed themselves to a day of service in their local communities on National Make A Difference Day.

Today, Make A Difference Day is held on the fourth Saturday of October. But it began on February 29th on 1992 (Leap Day) as a national day of service designated as a way to improve the lives of others in our own communities.

Funded by the TENGA group, the Arby’s Foundation, and Points Of Light, Make A Difference Day seeks to inspire us to realize that anyone, no matter what age or background, can make an impact on their community. Thousands of projects take place each October. Some are very large while others are quite small. But each project makes an important difference in the lives of others.

If you’d like to find a Make A Difference Day project near you, visit their website and search their project database here: (There are three projects listed near Memphis, but more may be added as we get closer to the 28th.)

Do you have an idea for a great community-based project for next year’s Make A Difference Day? You can register your project here: You could clean up a local park… start a community garden… establish a yard work brigade for the elderly in your community… restore a historic building… paint a mural… anything that will create a positive impact for the people in your community.

There’s even a chance your project will be selected for one of 14 $10,000 grants awarded each year to help you make an even bigger impact on your community! They provide all the resources you need to organize your project, attract volunteers, and publicize your event online or in your local community.

So… what are you waiting for? Get out there and Make A Difference!