Prema Healing Meditation

Class Descriptions

Introduction to Meditation: While meditation appears to be a simple endeavor it can be difficult or even intimidating to many people. The desired results are often fleeting because one cannot seem to get off the starting line.

Productive and enjoyable meditation practice with helpful guidance and support to get your meditation engine started. Each class is structured to provide you with the information that you need to understand not only “how” to do something, but also “why” you do certain things. We encourage creativity in your practice to take the meditations we offer and adapt them to your particular needs or ambitions for your practice

The classes cover such aspects as basic posture, breathing exercises, meditation scheduling, and methods of relaxation and grounding exercises. We provide you with an introduction to the Chakras, one of nine energy systems of the human body and the one that connects our physicality to our spirituality. Also, we provide you with an introduction to forgiveness exercise that permits you to begin the healing processes available through meditation.

The Healing Meditations: All meditation is healing because it works with human consciousness. It heals physical, mental, and/or emotional “unwanted conditions”. As you release the burden of life’s emotional experiences and begin to conduct your life by responding to life with mindfulness rather than reacting to life, your life changes, and always for the better. There are numerous meditation practices designed to expedite healing and the following meditations fall within this category.

The Enlightenment Series: The Enlightenment Series consists of five (5) classes. Each class is two hours in length and the first class “Meeting your Guide” is a perquisite for any of the other classes. After taking the first class it is not necessary to take the other classes in any particular order or within a particular time frame.

Enlightenment 101; “Meeting your Guide”: In this class you will learn to talk to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self will be your guide to healing and your guide to what additional classes it will be appropriate for you to take. No predisposition to mystical or intuitive abilities is required. Everyone can talk with their Higher Self and receive the guidance they seek. You will be able to learn such things as what additional class(es) will be most productive for you, what is in need of healing, what is the root cause of your “unwanted condition”, what is your purpose is life, what is your Higher Self’s plan for you, and much more.

Enlightenment 102; “Releasing Trauma and Basic Healing”: If you are directed (by your Higher Self) to this class you will learn simple, easy to follow on your own, techniques that will permit the release of long standing trauma energy and facilitate stabilization of your body’s energy system. It will not be necessary for anyone to share any experiences or personal history. You will learn to use your Higher Self as your guide and confessor.

Enlightenment 103; “Moving Emotional Energy”: Your Higher Self may direct you to this class. If so, you will be instructed on how to identify the physical mass of unhealthy stored emotional energy and learn to move it out of your energy body, permitting the free flow of your vital energy through your body. You will be instructed on how to communicate with your Higher Self to use these techniques to achieve physical, mental, or emotional healing. As always, no sharing of personal experiences or information will be required.

Enlightenment 104; “Dissolving Emotional Energy”: In this class you will learn another technique to facilitate healing and permit your further advancement towards achieving Enlightenment. As always, by working with your Higher Self you will be directed to the method that will be most productive for you inn the shortest period of time.

Enlightenment 105; “Bodhisattva Enlightenment”: This final class will instruct you on the simplest technique, but the most difficult to perform. This final technique, when used with guidance of your Higher Self, will lead you to the state of Enlightenment. The classes may be viewed as a progression in simplicity, but also a progression in your success in stabilizing and clearing your body’s energy conditions that prevent you from living without suffering.

The onus of using these techniques to achieve the desired results is upon you. You will use them as you are ready to heal yourself, and as your desire to experience true joy motivates you. That may sound beyond your reach at this moment; however, as you commit to do the work and begin to free your vital energy, you gain the use of that new found vital energy to do more work. If you do the work, the speed and degree of success actually accelerates.

“Living with Uncertainty” Meditation: From the LoJong traditions of Buddhist teachings we find the practice of Tonglen. Tonglen is a healing meditation and philosophy of life that facilitates true forgiveness and the development of gratitude for the things we have experienced and learned from in life. We will offer guidance on the philosophy and the meditation in this class to aid healing of the especially difficult life experiences and permit your appreciation for the lessons life has yet to bring to you.

Personal Growth and Development: The following classes may be taken individually, or in conjunction with the Healing Meditations offered above. All of the following classes are offered in weekly sessions of on hour each, over for consecutive weeks.

Meditating “Unity Consciousness and the TAO”: The ancient teaching of Lau Tzu and Unity Consciousness is “The Law of One”. Meditating exercises that specifically channel higher consciousness through our bodies and directing this divine energy through our energy centers facilitates the elevation of our consciousness and increases our awareness and awakening. This guided meditation provides healing and restorative energy to the meditator and to those we direct the energy towards. Unity consciousness, experiencing the oneness of all things is our evolutionary goal. Experience how we can tap into this energy and expand our beingness through these exercises.

Meditating the “Chakras”: Think you know the Chakras? It is through the Chakras that we experience life, but more so, it is where we store the energy of our cumulative experiences. Knowing the Chakras, how they influence our perceptions of life, and how we can learn to balance and become sensitive to these energy centers increases our mindfulness and our ability to take control of our healing and perceptions of life’s events. These guided meditations and understandings of how we are connected to the divine provide us with a view of the path to inner peace, self and universal love, and the ability to have compassion/understanding for all. (We teach the nine Chakra system.)

Meditating “The Divine Feminine”: This is not a meditation class for just the ladies! In fact, this is equally important for men. In this class we will learn of the nature and relationship of energy exchanges between male and female interaction, including the sexual exchange of energy. We will discover the nature of intuition and right and left brain functions and the proper roles, according to how we were energetically designed to interact together to provide the complete yin and yang to our existence. Meditations will be guided and are designed to develop our intuitive abilities and balance the dichotomy of male and female archetypes.

Meditating to “Find Balance”: Finding balance is our task in life. As Confucius taught, “All things are good, in moderation”. In this class we will discover the role of our senses, our biases, and our prejudices and how these elements of our beingness continue to attract similar unpleasant experiences to our lives. By becoming aware of the “magnets” that we have created for ourselves and learning to “shine the light of our consciousness” into the darkness that we have stored within us, we learn to release our attracting elements and free ourselves of the need to relive unpleasant lessons over and over again. These guided meditations are designed to eighteen our awareness of our bodies senses and permit us to become aware of magnets, permitting our awareness to be our focus point of our conscious light. Once we begin to do this, balance begins to emerge like a floundering ship righting itself after unbalancing bilge water is pumped out.

Class sizes are limited in order to provide adequate attention. Please sign up early to insure your position in the class you wish to attend.

All meditations are guided and you may visit our web site at to listen, or follow along to the meditations we will use in class.

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